Recce Leadership & Team Building Academy


The Leadership Academy facilitates you to function independently and take command of accomplishing the team's stated mission. Improve your ability to function independently and to take command of accomplishing your team's stated mission.  We use the underlying and embedded lessons of successful Special Forces Operations as the core of our philosophy and approach to

Recce Advisory & Mentoring


Designed for Business and Society, skills development legendary to the Special Forces community. We provide a variety of advisory and mentoring services in all spheres.  We base these services on specific skills sets and expertise inherent to the Military and Special Forces Community. This includes advice on strategic, operational, tactical and technical levels. Let

Recce Adventure Challenges


Recce designed challenges to promote and inspire confidence, assertiveness and leadership. Overcoming physical challenges builds confidence and assertiveness.  Dealing with uncertainty builds capacity. Combining physical extremes with uncertainty builds character. Do you have what it takes?   The RECCE Mountain Bike Challenge is designed to challenge you physically and mentally.    Come build your character with

Recce Untamed Tours


Guided tours into Caprivi, Angola and Zimbabwe revisiting life-changing events and moments in the history of Southern Africa. Join a guided tour into the Caprivi, Angola or Zimbabwe with our crew.  These Ex-soldiers have a unique love for the bush and provide insights that can be found nowhere else. These tours can be tailor-made