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Social Responsibility

Recce Social Responsibility

The story of the South African Recces is one of an integrated community that represented the total South African community since its inception in the early 70's.

Social Responsibility

From then onwards the South African Special Forces was always a leading player in transformation and change. For this reason the RECCES always positioned itself in the true spirit of what it means to be a-political. This is very tough to do in a society that is and will always be divided by race, religion, language and culture. We believe the Recces will always and are still today a leader in transformation, technology and innovation and because of this we accept our social responsibility in South Africa.

Our primary reason for existence as a business is to support our retired members and their families into perpetuity. For this reason the member organisation has one of its three pillars to CARE for its people. Many contributions are made to people in need and we will continue doing so.

It is important to note that we see our social responsibility more in a pro-active sense where we continuously try to invest in our people by making them responsible citizens in all spheres of life. One of our strongest drives is to ensure that the next generation is well equipped in self-management and self-leadership in order to become financially self-sufficient.

That is also why our internal network is setup for support and capacity building. Our biggest drive however is to add value in facilitating high-level solutions to Government, Society and Businesses. We believe that this is where the need is the biggest and our contribution will be most valued.

About the Photo: A special moment during the 2015 SASFA Gala evening when the vice-chairman of SASFA handed over a special bed (blue) to Pat Monareng, as the General Officer Commanding Special Forces looks on. Pat is a Special Forces operator who was paralyzed and left bedridden after a motor vehicle accident years ago. This bed now allows him to sit upright and work with a computer. There were very few dry eyes in the audience that witnessed the new joy and hope that this gesture brought to Pat and his family. A great example of the work that SASFA, in conjunction with the Special Forces Brigade, does for members who are in need.